Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7, 2009

It's been a while since this has been updated. So much has happened we need to share with you all the blessings of the Lord.

Garry completed his 3rd cycle of chemo on Tuesday, November 3rd. He was strong enough for me to drop him off at the oncology center and let him do his thing - I went on to work after he was checked in and we were sure everything was good to go. He was finished with his treatment about 4 pm and when he was just about finished he called me. He was ready when I arrived and looked great!!! He was the hit of the place with his new Gator Snuggie (that he said he'd never wear!). He loves it. I told him not to give it to anyone - no matter how much they begged for it and beg they did! He did come home with it though. Next cycle he will be wearing his new Gator straw hat that will match his snuggie perfect. He will be styling for sure. For those of you who are wondering - yes, his hair is nearly gone. The Dr. seem to think when it comes back it will probably be curly and perhaps a different color!. Imagine that!!!!

Today is Day 5 - I've been holding my breath wondering when his gripping would start. His Prednisone makes him that way. He has been really good. Today he went shopping with Grandma and myself - he sat in the car but is feeling really good no attitude so far. Seriously he has really amazed me with all he has gone through. The Lord is taking care of us and supplying our needs. Thank you so much for your prayers - can't tell you how much we depend on that strength.

Garry has been doing weekly lab work to be sure all is going well. On November 17th he will be going for a CT scan. That will tell us how the chemo is working and if any changes need to be made with his meds. Pray that all will look great there as well.

Garry's mother has been back with us since Tuesday. She has been and is a blessing to have with us. She is able to be with Garry during the day while I'm at work. They enjoy being together as well. I'm not so worried or concerned about him when she is here.

Many of you are still calling and sending cards of encouragement - he LOVES hearing from you. Soon he will strong enough to be back among each of you. Until that time, please hold him up in prayer.

JD was sick this week with the flu and fever, pray that those germs will not come in contact with Garry and make him have complications.

Thanks so much for your continued concern for Garry. We are half way done, perhaps the hardest is behind us. Cycle 4 will be November 24th. We are hoping our Thanksgiving will be a healthy time as well.

To each of you who are holding down the fort while Garry is out - THANK YOU!!!
He will see you soon.

Love to each of you.

Becky & Preacher

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

Thursday, October 15th

Where has the week gone? Seems like we have been on a merry-go-round and can't seem to get off --- yet , but we will!

Garry had his 2nd cycle of chemo Tuesday. Our fantastic nurses at the oncology center were able to complete the treatment in just 7 hours. It was a huge, long day, but we were so thankful it was completed. Wednesday we were able to squeeze 2 more follow-up Dr. visits in and make it back to the oncology center for his Nuelasta shot which has to be administered 24 hours after his chemo is completed. All went well. Now we sit back and wait to see how far his white blood count drops in the next few days. The Dr. has taken extra steps to keep the drop from being so dramatic as last cycle.
Each day he has been improving and growing stronger. Finally we have been able to get off some medicines which enables both of us to sleep at night instead of taking meds every 4 hours. His legs are nearly back to normal - that being his normal bird legs and they are still as fluorescent as ever! Garry has experienced many new "firsts" lab work, multiple doctor appointments, chemo, shots, diet, walking every hour, breathing treatments and home care nurses and to top it off with me telling him what to do. He says that I've always told him what to do - IF, I ever told him to do something in the past - that will have been nothing compared to what I AM telling him now. ha. He continues to have a great attitude and one of thankfulness as well.

As always we are so grateful for all of you. Many phone calls, Facebook inquiries, cards and actions of thoughtfulness. We are aware of each of you and your faithfulness. Grandma is still with us and is such a blessing to all of us. She is able to be with Garry while I work - that is a huge relief for me. Andrew & JD have been a tremendous help as well.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. Doctors will be doing either a CAT scan or PET scan in the next few weeks which will give us a better understanding of what the chemo is accomplishing.

Please no visits at this time, your phone calls, or emails are welcomed. Garry asks about each of you and wants you to know he is counting the days till he will be back with you.
We love you all.

Becky, Preacher & family

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

Every day things are improving and healing. We are so thankful for that. Tuesday evening Garry arrived home - in the midst of a storm. He was pretty happy to be at home, as we were to have him there! He had a good night and enjoyed the peace and quite that hospitals do not give us.

Wednesday the Home Health Care nurse will be with us to go over his medications and they will also keep an eye on his wounds and how they are healing.

Chemo has been pushed off till Tuesday & Wednesday of next week. We are busy learning all the meds and schedules. There are also many doctor follow-up visits to make as well. Our mail box is flooded with cards of love, support, prayers and blessings. We are so thankful that each of you are our family member and close friends. So many challenges are behind us and more on the way. We are experiencing God's grace and comfort and He continues to supply our needs.

Even though Garry is not up to visits yet, he is in good spirits and is ready to face this chemo treatment that will be every 3 weeks for about 6 months. Doctors are still very positive about his future. We are thankful for all the wonderful doctors and their knowledge during his stay in the hospital. It was a long month.

We have been able to Skype/webcam with our church family during a few services. We will continue to do that for a while. Please know Preacher is not at church because he wants to be out, he is chomping at the bits to be back in the pulpit - it just isn't safe for him at this point.

If you have any questions, please drop a line to my email, or leave a question here.
We covet your prayers.

Much thanks to all who made food, mowed the grass, called and are filling the many places of responsibility during our absence from services. We appreciate each of you and love you all.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

Pastor is headed home tonight, Tuesday, October 6!!!!
Praise the Lord!

October 6, 2009

Preacher is improving. We are praying he will be released from the hospital today or tomorrow. He has about 7 doctors on his case and 3 have released him from their care. We are waiting on a few tests to be completed and that should determine his dismissal date.
He has no more IV's. His legs are much improved, but he is in beautiful white hose. Something he said he'd never do. ha.
This morning he is anticipating good news from the other Dr. His chemo will not be tomorrow, but rescheduled for sometime next week.

Continue to pray. We are depending on those. Thanks to all of you who are so consistent with your prayers and calls. Love you all.

Becky, Garry & family

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3, 2009

Pastor has improved greatly the last two days. Today was a milestone...his chest tube was FINALLY removed. He is in better spirits and feeling much better. He is walking and pretty much free of all his tubes except for one where he gets his antibiotics. The biggest thing now seems to be the sores on his legs from pressure and poor circulation. The Dr. are working with him and now that he is able to walk and move around without great pain there should be a big difference. We are hoping to have him home before he starts his 2nd chemo treatment on Wednesday.
Pastor is in room 2026 in the Cardio Vascular Unit (Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, FL). Please continue to pray for him and that his next chemo treatment will go well without any great difficulties.
Thanks so much for your prayers, cards, phone calls and concern. He is getting better.

Love to all and with a thankful heart,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UPDATE- Prayer Chain Requested
Please pray for Pastor Martin and spread the word. Pastor had surgery today where a doctor scraped and cleaned out the his lungs. He will be in ICU for the next 48 hours. The doctor has said Pastor will be in a great deal of pain. Please pray for God's healing and for the swelling to decrease. Pray also for Becky and the rest of the family that they will feel God's grace and loving comfort at this time. Becky wants everyone to know that everything is "OK"; this is just the next step in the whole process.